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Or I’ve moved because I had nothing to go. Now if you have to go. You have not been a good son, my son.

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You did not forgive me that you recommend to the paternal Beata. I did not even want you to go to the seminar, but we were poor. It’s true that I did not want to go,. After the baccalaureate, you lacked time to go to Madrid. I am very bad about the oars, but the head I have it superbly.

When Trump insists on getting over any other president in his defense of equality, it is difficult not to remember his defense of the white supremacist demonstrators of Charlottesville or his furious attacks, on the other hand, against those who denounce police violence against minorities. It is impossible to put the achievements of Trump in terms of equality, whatever, at the level of Lincoln or Johnson’s level, but they do not eat the comparison with some less known from others of the ancestors of it.

Grant promoted the approval of LA and Grant also pursued the law into the hand to Ku Klux Klan to avoid burning churches and black schools along the south. Although the horrors of segregation remained until the sixties and Lyndon Johnson was the one who gave him the final spark, the demolition of him owes much to other presidents. The explosion of the movement in favor of civil rights took place many veterans of the Second World War that returned to the south after defeating the fascist powers and a system was found that remained as supremacist as they left.

Dwight Eisenhower and his wife receive the news of the General’s triumph in the US presidential elections, the successor of him, Dwight Eisenhower, had been opposed to imposing racial integration in the army, but then prompted it without reservations.


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