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Wholesale Trade See wholesale sales. Commerce price below product line strategy in which a company adds a product of lower than a line to reach a market that can not afford the highest price items or considers them too expensive. Commerce price above product line strategy in which a company adds a higher product product to a line to attract a broader market and, through its aggregate prestige, helps the sale of its lowest price products . Speed ​​trade Main source of horizontal channel conflict, strategy by which an intermediary diversifies by adding product lines not traditionally operated by its type of business. Product Planning Committee Organization Structure for the Planning and Product Development that implies a joint work between executives of the

Main departments and, especially in small companies, the president or other high-level executive. Wholesale intermediate auction company that helps buyers and sellers gathered to complete their transactions, providing auctioneers who make the sale and physical installations to exhibit the products of the sellers. Price Strategy Competition in which a company regularly offers products with the lowest possible prices, usually accompanied by a minimum of services. Competition Extricles Strategy in which a seller maintains stable prices and tries to improve their market position emphasizing other aspects (other than the price) of its marketing program. Perfect competition Market structure in which product differentiation is absent, buyers and sellers are well informed and the seller has no distinguishable control over the sale price. purchase of impulse form of decision making of low participation; Shopping are done with little or no anticipated planning. Buy new homework in the business market, a purchase situation in which a company considers for the first time the purchase of a given article. Composed of the Sales Force Method to predict sales consisting of collecting all estimated sales representatives in their territories during the future period of interest. Communication Transmission of verbal or non-verbal information between someone who wants to express an idea and someone who expects to receive it or who is expected to have it. The four elements are the message, the source of the message, the communication channel and the receiver.


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